About Us

The operation and sustainability of desalination plants are ensured through long-term contracts, with surplus funds reinvested in community development. Aquamar Proyectos A.C. envisions expanding similar projects in other regions, addressing risks through strict building standards, insurance policies, and positive relationships with local authorities.

In conclusion, Aquamar Water Projects seeks support from multilateral agencies to urgently address water scarcity in Northeast Mexico, contributing to the well-being, sustainability, and economic development of the region. The project is presented as a comprehensive and long-term solution to the critical issue of potable water in the area, with a focus on the immediate needs of over 6.5 million people.


Aquamar Water Projects (AWP) proposes a comprehensive solution to address potable water scarcity in the northeast region of Mexico. The project consists of eight components, including desalination plants, aqueducts, and water distribution systems. It aims to provide a sustainable freshwater source for over 6.5 million people in Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas States, where a potential Day Zero is looming due to a severe drought.

The AWP emphasizes the humanitarian aspect, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable drinking water to prevent poverty, inequality, disease, and conflict. The project's positive impacts include economic development, water sustainability, and community benefits.